Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Update -My Rhema Came True!

Isaiah 7:4,7
"Do not lose heart because of these two smouldering stubs of fire...It will not take place, it will not happen...will be too shattered..."

Thanks so much for praying for me for today we saw deliverance. We went for a ct scan again at SJMC today. The nurse was wide eyed that a ct scan is scheduled again only after 2 months. That was because the last ct scan showed 2 nodules marginally larger and although the doctor was not alarmed it still meant I had to come back for early testing again just in case it progressed.

The past 2 months had its ups and downs - down because physically I was trying to recover from cough which Ethan infected me twice, down because I was struck with massive back pain twice, two weeks ago and again only last Sunday night, down because I coughed blood which initially scared me. Up because I grew closer to the Lord, I sought, I listened, He spoke, I believed. He told me to be strong in spirit, he told me Isaiah 7 and I was encouraged so much so when I coughed blood I put 2 and 2 together, it must mean that I coughed up the tumour.

I read 2 Chronicles 20 and God said the battle was His and all I had to do was to give thanks and sing praises. The passage showed that the 2 armies that came after the Israelites started destroying one another after they finished slaughtering the men in Seir. All this happened while the Israelites were singing and praising God! How amazing is that?!

I was filled with new confidence. Yesterday, there was rain storm at my area for only 15 minutes. My back was aching, I was feeling weak, I could hardly even pray in tongues or sing praises but when the rain came, my spirit soared. I asked God to show me lightning that he would send lightning to smoke the mountain, to shoot his arrows and rout my enemies. And He did, just once. The lightning was pretty near followed by a mighty loud thunder and I jumped and then I praised God and thanked Him!

Today as we went to the hospital I just started singing praise songs. The ct scan showed that the MAJORITY of the nodules have reduced in size. For the first time, the report said that I am responding to treatment. Praise to the Lord! He is forever faithful and nothing is impossible for Him.

Henry and I are just jumping with joy and continuing in praise. Praise the Lord, we extol you, we declare your wondrous works! And to Jesus be praise, glory, honour and power forever and ever!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Have a Hole in Your Heart

Nic told Henry yesterday that he told his friend he had a hole is his heart. What?? Henry was thinking the worst and then he put two in two together that Nic was actually sharing Christ with his friend. He was telling his friend he has a hole in his heart because he didn't have Jesus in his heart. We were watching "The Donut Man" on cd the night before and Nic was wondering what the donut man was singing about. You can listen to it here:


"What is he saying mummy? I don't understand. Why is he saying we have a hole in our heart?"

I told him life without Jesus is like a donut. You have a hole in your heart that feels empty and you constantly crave to fill it with something like Ben 10, PS2 games, Ultramans, toys, parties etc. But when you have Jesus in your heart you feel secure and you don't crave for things like that anymore because you know Jesus loves you very much.

I find it amazing that little Nic just wants to share Jesus with his friends and I am very thankful to God for that - that He has a heart for Jesus. I tell Nic it is more important to share what Jesus has done for him rather than to tell people to believe in Jesus. I think he is slowly getting there. Nic asked us last night "Why doesn't Ah Ma believe that God loves her?". We don't know, maybe she does know, maybe Nic can reach out to her so that Jesus can fill her heart too. :)

Here are the lyrics to the song "Life Without Jesus is like a Doughnut":

Life without jesus,
Is like a donut,
Like a donut,
Like a donut.
Life without jesus is like a donut,
Coz there's a hole in the middle of my heart!

And it might be okay for a while,
Until the world comes and takes away my smile!
There's something sad in me i can't control,
When i think about a donut hole!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A collage of my latest block designs

My papa did this for me:

It also shows my little brother about to destroy one of my creations. I build, he destroys - I've accepted this as part of the scheme of things.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pirated CD

You will like this. :) Look at CD cover version of the monster movie. Hmmmm, i haven't given the movie a name yet. ;)

19 Nov 2008 Sea Creature, Monster & Ultraman

Conitnuation of my Super Duper Camp. Look at my monster Octopus! Look at my monster vs ultraman. Can u tell who's winning? Why has my ultraman grown - to fight the monster of course. :) No, actually my lil brother erased it and i had to draw it all over again!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

KL City

First time that Nic is planning a town..no no..a city! He says he is going to build a Netris Hotel.

Spooky Cat